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To see, sniff and touch my paintings, you will occasionally find them on display at Holburn Gallery, Aberdeen...

April 2011:

The Tay Rail Bridge (acrylic on board, 38" x 17"):

March 2011:

Couple of views of Whitby class frigate HMS Eastbourne . Once a proud warship, ended her days as a harbour training ship for Marine Engineering Artificer apprentices and Engineer Officer trainees at Rosyth dockyard. I remember in the late 80s passing through Inverkeithing on a train and saw her being towed into the marine scrapyard there to undergo her last indignity of being gas-axed apart before reincarnation as razor blades:

February 2011:

A rundown farmyard at Persley on the edge of Aberdeen :

Another lighthouse - this time Bell Rock Lighthouse, celebrating 200 years of saving Mariners' lives on a rocky reef originally called Inchcape, 11 miles east of Arbroath. It is better known as Bell Rock because of the bell placed there hundreds of years ago by a Monk.
The painting is approximately 900 x 600mm, acrylic on board with textured primer layers created from a thin mix of wall plaster applied with a 2 inch brush, click image for detail:

January 2011:

Although completed in December, the painting below of Girdleness Lighthouse near Aberdeen, is new to the website... click on it to see a bigger version

Broch Storm:

Painting of Eilean Donan Castle:

Painting of HMS Blyth :





Below: Boddam Head North, on display at
Holburn Gallery, 83 Holburn Street, Aberdeen AB10 6BQ, T:01224 596617



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