November 2010: Here's a rare sight - two of the big 'uns together, awaiting collection at Holburn Gallery after being framed:

October 2010: Back to the ol' favourite colours with a darker version of Cape Wrath. This took a long time to complete; estimate 6 hours in the sky alone:

September 2010: To prove there's more than just grey paint in the Bosker paintbox (old biscuit tin to be exact...) here's something a bit brighter, 'Cape Wrath Sunrise':

August 2010: A simple scene of a loan yacht sailing under the moonlight... imaginatively called 'Night yacht' :

August 2010: Although commissions rarely undertaken, a recent exception was this series of 3 beach huts :


Below on the right - "Inshpiration" - inspired by a recent cycling trip alongside the calm waters of Loch Shiel, reflecting the grey skies of a gathering storm. The yacht itself wasn't actually on the loch, but leapt out at me from a photograph on the wall of the sailing centre at Loch Insh, near Aviemore.

On the left is a painting of the remote Dubh Artach lighthouse, 18 miles west of Colonsay. Took me ages to swim out there to get the photos and make preliminary sketches and tricky keeping my camera and sketch pad dry stuffed down the back of my speedos.
A unique feature of this painting is that there are TWO of them. They are very alike apart from the skies. The one pictured here was created for the NEOS Crafty Lights exhibition. Another unique feature is the moderately unpronounceable name. I have a neighbour from Colonsay who informed my it's actually "jew-hertich".

July (and August!) 2010: Dubh Artach

July 2010: "Inshpiration"



January 2010. Grey Mountain was inspired by a photograph on a book cover and was unusually (for Bosker paintings) mostly made up as it came out of the brush.
Banff Bay Moonshine was painted as a personal commission.

Grey Mountain

Right: Banff Bay Moonshine


Below: West Coast Yachts, acrylic on board

Inspired by time spent at sea off the west coast of Scotland. Calm night-seas flanked by shady dark hills. With a small group of yachts waiting in the moonlight. Signs of isolated dwellings near the shore always made me wonder about the remote and peaceful existence of the residents.


Below: Boddam Head North, acrylic on board

Boddam Head North - the second in a series of lighthouses, was sold through Holburn Gallery, Aberdeen.

Known locally as "Buchan Ness", the piece of land sticking out, on which Boddam Lighthouse is built, is said to be the most easterly point of the Scottish mainland (as stated in this Scotsman article). This is however incorrect. Due to a mapping error a couple of hundred years ago, Buchan Ness used to be the name for Keith Inch at Peterhead but was accidentally assigned to Boddam Head. Hence the correct name for this painting.

Below: A commission to produce artwork for use at a Bond-themed event.

Each painting is 4ft x 2ft

Acrylic on white sided MDF board


Below: Boddam Head North, on display at
Holburn Gallery, 83 Holburn Street, Aberdeen AB10 6BQ, T:01224 596617



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